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ancient Greeks

In summer Tunisia's Chott el Djerid salt lake is almost entirely dried up, as seen in this photo from May 2021, but many believe that beneath this sand lies the remains of Tunisian Atlantis. 		Source: Kais photographies / CC BY-SA 4.0

The Theory of the Tunisian Atlantis - Beneath the Sands of Africa!

Ever since the age of the classical antiquity, there was a widespread myth of the fabled, sunken city of Atlantis. A true ancient metropolis that was in many ways the epitome of advanced civilization...
One of the carved goat bone objects, depicting two fish, face to face, recently found in an ancient Greek garbage dump in western Turkey.             Source: Hurriyet Daily News

Ancient Greek Goat Bone Objects Found in Turkey Tell A Deeper Story

Archaeologists working in a site have uncovered carved objects that are made out of goat bones . These carved goat bone objects were turned into ornaments in an ancient Greek colony over 2500 years...
The Minoan cup, shown here next to a modern throwaway container that washed up in the Pacific.    Source: Trustees of the British Museum

3500-Year-Old Minoan Cup Proves Ancients Weren’t Green Either

A disposable Minoan cup forged by the early Mediterranean civilization will be displayed in a “stunning showcase,” which evaporates the cultural myth that ‘single-use’ crockery is a modern creation...
Arctic Ocean Sea Water.

Did Pytheas, Ancient Navigator, Geographer and Astronomer Discover Mysterious Thule?

About 600 years BC, Greek merchants sailed west the length of the Mediterranean Sea and founded a city named Massilia. Now it's called Marseilles, France. The purpose of the new port was to control...
A necropolis was found under land upon which a new culture center is being built in Sinop

Remnants of ancient necropolis excavated in Black Sea city in Turkey

A necropolis is being excavated at a veritable crossroads of ancient civilizations, in Sinop, Turkey. Workers found remnants of the 4 th century BC city of the dead while building a culture center in...