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FBI has joined the investigation of the the British Museum theft.  Source: coward_lion/Adobe Stock

FBI Joins Hunt for Missing Ancient Treasures from British Museum!

The FBI has joined the Metropolitan Police of Britain in the investigation of the sale of hundreds of artifacts believed to have been stolen from the British Museum in an alleged “inside job.” The US...
The precious stone ring up close and clean. (Israel Antiquities Authority)

Ancient Precious Stone Ring Found In Israel: Cure For Hangovers?

A centuries-old spectacular precious stone ring has been recovered from an excavation site in the city of Yavne in central Israel, the Israel Antiquities Authority has announced . The type of stone...
The amethyst seal found in a Jerusalem sewer may be the first artifact ever to depict the Biblical persimmon plant.     Source: Eliyahu Yanai / City of David

Unique Biblical “Persimmon” Amethyst Seal Discovered In Jerusalem Sewer

A rare lilac-colored amethyst seal has been discovered in an ancient sewer beneath Jerusalem. Depicting a bird holding a plant branch with five fruits with its feet, the engraved amethyst seal...
The Cursed Amethyst: Trail of Misfortune and Misery Follows Ancient Gem

The Cursed Amethyst: Trail of Misfortune and Misery Follows Ancient Gem

The ‘Cursed Amethyst’, also known as the Delhi Purple Sapphire was incorrectly identified as a sapphire in the nineteenth century. This legendary gemstone remained hidden for three centuries beneath...
An etched pot sherd with an image of a scribe holding an ink palette. Found near an ancient Egyptian amethyst mine.

3,900-Year-Old Lost Inscriptions Surface at the Ancient Egyptian Amethyst Mines

Archaeologists working in the timeworn deserts of Egypt have uncovered more than ‘100 ancient inscriptions' at Wadi el-Hudi, where ancient miners once collected amethysts which were believed to be...