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Excavated ruins of the oldest castle in Alsace, a.k.a. Purpurkopf Castle.  Source: Institut de Recherches Historiques du Septentrion / Université de Lille

“Astounding” 1000-year-old Medieval Castle Excavated Stone by Stone in France

In the picturesque region of Alsace, France, a remarkable discovery has unfolded as the oldest castle in the area resurfaces from the earth! Dating back to the 9th century, and originally established...
The castle of Fleckenstein.

Fleckenstein Castle: From Impregnable Fortress to a Chateaux in Ruins

Fleckenstein Castle is a castle located near Lembach, in the eastern French region of Alsace. This castle is known to have existed since the 12 th century, and was the property of the powerful...
Elongated Skull - France

Archaeologists Discover Mysterious Elongated Skulls in France

French archaeologists made a surprising discovery during an excavation in Alsace, France, when they uncovered a substantially elongated skull dating back 1,500 years . The finding prompted the...