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Classic Belgian beer Source: freeskyline /Adobe Stock

The Classic Belgian Beer Secret? Medieval Super Yeasts!

Researchers have discovered a secret behind what makes Belgian beer so special – they include medieval super yeasts in their recipes! Steven Maere (VIB-UGent), has discovered that some of the most...
Ancient beer from biblical times and beyond has been brewed in Israel. Source: 9parusnikov / Adobe Stock

Researchers Brew Biblical Beer Using Yeast From Ancient Pottery

A multidisciplinary team in Israel believe that they have brewed ancient beers similar to those once drunk by Biblical characters such as David and Goliath . They were able to extract yeast, a key...
Oldest brewery with traces of oldest beer found in Israel.

Nomads Set Up the World’s Oldest Brewery in Israel 13,000-years-ago

A new study published in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports suggests beer brewing practices existed in the Eastern Mediterranean over five millennia before the earliest known evidence,...
Black Donkey’s Underworld Ale.

An Ancient Irish Cave Gives Birth to a Fine Brew

In an ancient cave known locally as the “gateway to the underworld,” located near the village of Tulsk, Co. Roscommon, where legends tell of the birth of Queen Medb of Connacht, a team of scientists...
Left to right- Barn Hammer Brewing Company Head Brewer Brian Westcott, Matt Gibbs of the University of Winnipeg and Barn Hammer owner Tyler Birch teamed up to re-create an ancient beer. THE CANADIAN PRESS/David Lipnowski/The Conversation

We brewed an ancient Graeco-Roman beer and here’s how it tastes

Matt Gibbs / The Conversation Beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world; it is also the most popular drink after water and tea . In the modern world, however, little consideration is...
Ale's Stones at Kåseberga, around ten kilometers southeast of Ystad.

Sailing into the Unknown: The Search for the Story Behind Stone Ships

Strange sequences of stones discovered in the Baltic Sea region are one of the most mysterious remains left by pre-Christian civilizations. They are shaped in a pattern that resembles ships, but...
Fermented shark, hákarl, is an example of a culinary tradition that has continued from the settlement of Iceland in the 9th century to this day.

Viking diet was better than in many parts of the Medieval world

The Vikings are famous for their great feasting halls, in which an image of a rowdy bunch of beer-drinking men gnawing on meaty bones comes to mind. But what did they really consume besides beer and...
Proto-cuneiform recording the allocation of beer, probably from southern Iraq, Late Prehistoric period, about 3100-3000 BC

Archaeologist attempts to revive lost alcoholic beverages from ancient recipes and residues

An archaeologist working with a brewery is recreating ancient beers from around the world, including Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Denmark, Honduras and China. Alcohol archaeologist Patrick McGovern thinks...