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Reconstruction of ancient stilt houses. Source: Takashi Images / Adobe Stock.

Oldest Stilted Village in Europe Found Underwater Behind Defensive Spikes

A team of underwater excavators diving in Lake Ohrid, between Macedonia and Albania, have discovered an ancient stilted village protected by 100,000 defensive wooden spikes. Built around 8,000-years-...
The Nymphaeum of Illyria at the ancient city of Apollonia, Albania fed by underground water sources, built in the middle of the 3rd century BC. It is the biggest and best-preserved Apollonia monument covering an area of 1,500 square meters or 16,146 square feet. Source: Carole Raddato / CC BY 2.0

Illustrious Post-Macedon Illyria and the Roman Illyrian Wars

The legendary and illustrious tribal kingdoms of Illyria were located in current-day Albania and Montenegro, just across the Adriatic from Italy. The Illyrian world was also an important strategic...
Artist's impression of Teuta, Queen of the Illyrian Ardiaei tribe

The Fierce Queen of the Illyrians: Teuta the Untameable

Following the defeat of Carthage in the First Punic War in 241 BC, the Roman Republic became a dominant naval power in the Mediterranean. Nevertheless, Rome’s control of the seas was not absolute. To...
Neolithic Maliq Man Had Oldest Known Case of Osteopetrosis

Neolithic Maliq Man Had Oldest Known Case of Osteopetrosis

Research on a 6,000-year-old skeleton has revealed the undeniable presence of the rare genetic disorder known as stone bone disease or osteopetrosis. This discovery will help us to understand the...
Destroyed marble column at the monumental fountain at the ancient city of Apollonia in Albania. Source: Himara

Vandals Smash Monumental Fountain in Ancient Greek City of Apollonia

Vandals in Albania have destroyed a famous historical monument in ancient Apollonia causing “irreparable” damage. Founded in 588 BC by Greek colonists from Corfu and Corinth on a site where native...
Ruins of Apollonia, Albania

Apollonia, The Once Eminent Greek City

The ancient Greeks left an enduring legacy and influence the modern world to this day. Whether it be astrology , mathematics, biology , engineering, medicine or linguistics, nearly all of the...
Discovery of an ancient city in Albania.

Archaeologists Discover a Long-lost Illyrian City ‘Mistaken for Natural Rocks’ in Albania

Polish archaeologists have uncovered a long-lost city, in north-east Albania according to Science in Poland . The city was found unexpectedly, and it is believed to be the ancient Illyrian city of...
Illyrian women

Ancient ivory tablets reveal high status of Illyrian women

Five 1800-year-old ivory tablets found in the Albanian city of Durres have just been deciphered shedding new light on the role that women played in ancient Illyrian culture, according to a report in...