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Huaca Pucllana pyramid, an example of adobe building using adobe bricks in Miraflores district in Lima City, Peru.	Source: videobuzzing / Adobe Stock

Adobe Brick Building Used In Peru As Early As 5,000 Years Ago

A recent study in pre-Hispanic northern Peru shows previously unacknowledged use of adobe brick building as early as 5,000 years ago. What’s more, these adobe bricks were created by annual El Niño...
The knife-wielding spider god mural was discovered at a 3,200-year-old ceremonial site in Peru.

Knife-Wielding Spider God Mural Found at Shrine in Peru

Archaeologists have identified a 3,200-year-old ceremonial center in Peru’s northern Virú province. The site has been partially destroyed and is still waiting full excavations, but they’ve already...
Chan Chan – The Largest Mud-Brick City in the World

Chan Chan – Among the Largest Mud-Brick Cities in the World

The Inca civilization is one of the most notable Pre-Columbian civilizations that existed in Peru. Prior to its rapid rise to power, however, there were other prominent civilizations, which today,...
At Chan Chan statues thought to be marking tombs have been found.

Oldest Statues Ever Found At Chan Chan Have Been Saved From the Claws of Climate Change

Archeologists excavating in Peru, at the largest pre-Columbian ancient site in the America’s, have saved 20 wooden statues dated to around 800-years-old from encroaching weather fronts. Culture...
Main: The ancient city of Chan Chan. Inset: One of the newly-discovered wooden sculptures

Peculiar Wooden Sculptures Discovered at Chan Chan in Peru and May Mark the Graves of Ancient VIPs

Archaeologists excavating the site of the ancient city of Chan Chan in Peru have just announced the discovery of four intriguing wooden sculptures (three male and one female), and an untouched tomb...
The site consists of structures that archaeologists are examining and excavating to determine whether they are of a necropolis or a settlement. The structures are adobe.

Sandstorm in Iran Reveals Remnants of What is Possibly an Ancient City

A recent sandstorm in Iran unearthed a series of structures that are believed to be part of an ancient city or necropolis. Initial analyses suggest it dates back to the early Islamic Middle Ages (661...
A view over Kharanaq, Iran.

The 4,000-Year-Old Abandoned Mud-Brick Town of Kharanaq, Iran: A Photographic Look

Sitting in a remote valley about 70km (43 miles) north of Yazd in Central Iran, is the deserted and crumbling mud-brick village of Kharanaq. The site has been occupied for approximately 4,000 years,...