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The new find city gate is thought to be centuries older than this previously existing gate at Bethsaida.                Source: CC BY 3.0

City Gate From the Time of King David Unearthed In Miracle Village

Archaeologists have announced an amazing discovery - they have found an ancient city gate that dates to the time of King David , perhaps the greatest of all the rulers of ancient Israel. This find...
Nimrod Castle, Golan Heights

What’s Special About Golan Heights? These 5 Fabulous Recent Archaeological Discoveries For a Start!

The Golan Heights has been making headlines for the political impact of certain international relations choices. It has raised all sorts of questions and debate on sovereignty, international law,...
The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes by James Tissot, Brooklyn Mueum.

Archaeologists Uncover the Gate of Jesus’ Feeding Miracle City

According to local authorities in Israel, archaeologists have made an important discovery in the Golan Heights in recent weeks. During scheduled digs, a group of experts found the remains of a brick...