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Yuan Dynasty

Representational image of a Chinese naval battle. Source: Public domain

The Battle of Lake Poyang and Its Pivotal Impact on China

The Battle of Lake Poyang stands as one of the largest naval engagements in recorded history, showcasing the might and strategic prowess of warring factions during the tumultuous period of the rise...
Representational image of a Red Turban warrior. Source: Generated with Adobe Firefly

The Revolutionary Red Turban Rebellion: When Peasants Take Up Arms

The Red Turban Rebellion, which took place from 1351 to 1368, was a pivotal event in Chinese history, marking the decline of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty and the rise of the native Ming Dynasty. This...
Brick fresco in one of the Yuan Dynasty tombs discovered in Jinan, China. Source: Jinan Archaeological Research Institute

Cluster of Yuan Dynasty Tombs with Stunning Brick Murals Found in China

Archaeologists working in Jinan, Eastern China, have concluded excavations of a series of tombs in advance of development in the area. Among the most exciting aspects of the dig was the discovery of...
Giant wooden stakes from the Battle of Bach Dang found in northern Vietnam.          Source: vnexpress

Iron Tipped Stakes Detail Guerrilla Warfare of Bach Dang

Newly-discovered ´massive´ and ancient wooden stakes are adding to archaeologists knowledge of the famous Battle of Bạch Dang , when Vietnam repelled the Mongol war fleet by luring ships into a booby...
Kublai Khan: Mongol Warrior, Horseman, Hunter and Powerful Emperor

Kublai Khan: Mongol Warrior, Horseman, Hunter and Powerful Emperor

Kublai Khan is perhaps best known for his establishment of the Yuan Dynasty , and may be considered as one of China’s most famous emperors. Kublai Khan was the grandson of Genghis Khan, the founder...
Mongol attac

The Famous and Powerful Khanates that Followed the Mongol Empire

A khanate was a political entity ruled by a khan. Historically speaking, the ruler of a Mongolian tribe was given the title ‘Khan’. Later on, this title was adopted by many Muslim societies. Although...
How a Javanese King Defeated One of the Most Powerful Rulers of the Mongolian Empire

How a Javanese King Defeated One of the Most Powerful Rulers of the Mongolian Empire

Raden Wijaya (known also as Nararya Sangramawijaya) was the founder of the Majapahit Empire. Apart from being remembered as the man who established the Majapahit Empire, Raden Wijaya is also known...
Mid-Autumn Festival Decorations in Beijing, China.

The Mid-Autumn Festival: A Holiday of Mooncakes, Lanterns, Moon Worship, and Timeless Legends

The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated annually by Chinese and Vietnamese communities around the world. As the name of this festival suggests, the day of its celebration falls exactly in the middle of...
This dragon head, unearthed at Xanadu, was attached to the end of a beam.

Stunning dragon heads found at ancient summer palace of Xanadu

Archaeologists have found some stunning artifacts during excavations of the famed palace at Xanadu in Inner Mongolia, including three ceramic dragon heads. Xanadu became the summer palace of Kublai...
Paintings in a Yuan Dynasty tomb had beautifully painted scenes from stories of Filial Piety.

Spectacular paintings found in 700-year-old Chinese tomb

An elaborate, beautifully painted tomb was found when rains washed away soil and revealed a capstone on a hillside in China. The tomb dates to the Yuan dynasty, about 700 years ago. Scholars believe...