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A heard of Triceratops horridus walking through a Cretaceous swamp.	Source: Bart Bus/Naturalis Biodiversity Center

New Element of Triceratops Defense Found In Wyoming Fossils

Though Spielberg’s Jurassic Park got a few things wrong historically, it seemed to have got some things spot on. Triceratops, the dinosaur with three horns and the large neck frill, may have indeed...

Wyoming Declared Oldest Mine in Americas: Red Ochre Mined there 13,000 Years Ago!

Excavations that concluded in 2020 have confirmed an ancient mine in eastern Wyoming that was allegedly used by humans to produce red ochre 13,000 years ago! It is now officially the oldest known...
The San Pedro Mountains Mummy

The Mystery of the San Pedro Mountains Mummy

In June 1934, two gold prospectors, who had been digging and blasting for gold within the San Pedro Mountains in Wyoming, came across a small cavern buried deep within the thick rock. When the dust...
Medicine Wheel Park, Valley City State University, Valley City, ND

Mysteries of the Native American Medicine Wheel – Healing, Rituals, and Astronomical Aid

Medicine wheels, known also as sacred circles or sacred hoops, are monuments constructed by certain Native American cultures by laying stones in a particular pattern on the ground. The most basic...