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San Jose shipwreck. Credit: Presidency of the Republic of Colombia.

Holy Grail of Shipwrecks With $20 Billion of Treasure to be Raised from the Deep!

A Spanish galleon lying off the coast of Colombia has become a top priority project for the Colombian government, whose president is eager to recover as much as $20 billion in gold, silver, and gems...
Images taken by Dr. John Dale in 1958 showing the intact saucer, the copper base with hieroglyphs and one of the copper sheets from the ‘booklet’ that contained a message from Ullo.

Miniature UFO Wreckage Discovered in Science Museum Archive?

Wreckage from a “miniature” UFO crash in North Yorkshire sixty years ago has been rediscovered in the archives of the Science Museum in London. Or has it? Known as Britain’s “answer to America’s...