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The 1200-year-old Wisconsin dugout canoe as it was lifted out of Lake Mendota this week.		Source: Wisconsin Historical Society

1,200-Year-Old Ho-Chunk Dugout Canoe Found In Wisconsin Lake

The largest of the four lakes in Madison, Wisconsin, Lake Mendota, originated after the Western glaciation some 15,000 years ago. It has been a subject of fascination for botanists, historians, and...
The brain was found wrapped in aluminum foil on the shore of Lake Michigan in the USA. Source: James Senda

Sherlock Holmes and the Foil Covered Brain of Lake Michigan

On Tuesday morning, Jimmy Senda, a 47-year-old construction worker and part-time artist from Racine, U.S.A., was strolling along the shore of Lake Michigan at Samuel Myers Park in search of sea glass...
A fossil of Parioscorpio venator, a 437-million-year-old scorpion that resembles modern species. Source: Wendruff et al., Scientific Reports, 2020

This Scorpion Was Among the First Lifeforms to Walk on Earth

Almost half a billion years ago Earth was largely inhabited by armored arthropods with segmented bodies and jointed limbs, shelled mollusks, and wobbly unrecognizable fishlike organisms darting about...
Devil’s Lake State Park, Baraboo area - Manitu spirit graphic

The Legends and Archaeology of Devil’s Lake: A Place of Ancient Power in Wisconsin

Located south of Baraboo in Sauk County Wisconsin, Devil’s Lake is a place of natural wonder and legend. The central feature of the biggest State Park in Wisconsin , Devil’s Lake covers 360 acres (...