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The Historic Limestone Landscape of Stora Alvaret

The Historic Limestone Landscape of Stora Alvaret

Stora Alvaret, on the Swedish island of Öland, is an area of great natural beauty with a unique ecology. The many important archaeological sites on the island which date to the Bronze Age has made...
Four Iranian heritage sites: The ruins of Persepolis. (F. Couin/ CC BY SA 4.0 ), Pasargadae Tomb in Shiraz (CC BY SA 3.0), Ancient ruins in Susa, Iran (UNESCO), Elaborate decoration in Golestan Palace, Tehran, Iran. (Diego Delso/CC BY SA).

Iran’s Heritage Sites Remain Under Threat. What Could We Lose?

A country’s heritage is arguably vital to its lifeblood. It connects the present to the past and also unites humanity in the appreciation and love for history and archaeology. Ancient cultural sites...
The Nashtifan Windmills.

The Future of the Nashtifan Windmills is Blowing in the Wind

Wind power has been used for centuries by humans to move machines that act as a labor saving devices, taking the effort out an otherwise arduous task for man. One set of such machinery not only has...