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General Sherman, the world’s largest tree (Jim Bahn/CC BY 2.0), has been wrapped in a fireproof blanket. (Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks)

The World’s Largest Tree Might Go Up In Smoke

The largest measured tree in the world is a 275-foot (83.8 meter) sequoia known as General Sherman. Estimated at being 2,000 or 3,000 years old, the tree grows in the Sequoia National Park’s Giant...
Mycenae, site of the wildfire on August 30, 2020.      Source: Susan Vineyard / Adobe Stock

Fire Fighters Battle With Wildfire At Ancient Mycenae In Greece

A wildfire at Mycenae has caused a major archaeological panic in Greece . Greek fire fighters equipped with nine fire engines, two planes and a helicopter struggled to save the ancient citadel of...
The US Forest Service fighting to save the ancient tree. Source: US Forest Service Tonto National Forest / Facebook.

Firefighters in Arizona Make Dramatic Rescue of 1,000-Year-Old ‘Medusa Mother Tree’

Firefighters in the American state of Arizona had a very different rescue mission on their hands - in order to save not people but a historic tree in a national park. The tree is up to 1000 years old...