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The buildings of Venice appear to float above the water, begging the question “how was Venice built?” Source: muratart / Adobe Stock

Architecture of the Floating (Or Sinking) City: How Was Venice Built?

The romantic city of Venice is known by many names, including the floating city, the city of canals and even the Queen of the Adriatic. This city of water was built on dozens of tiny islands located...
Remote sensing and drone footage of the Lagash / Tell al-Hiba site was deployed to conclude that the ancient Mesopotamian city was made up of four marsh islands. Source: Lagash Archaeological Project

Drone Footage Reveals Lost Mesopotamian City Built on Marsh Islands

Using remote sensing data technologies at the site of one of the oldest urban centers in world history, scientists have identified a vast Mesopotamian settlement called Lagash. Once upon a time,...
Some of the ancient ghost footprints marked with pin flags discovered in Utah. Source: R. Nial Bradshaw / US Air Force

Almost 100 Human “Ghost Footprints” Found in Utah Dating Back to the Ice Age

88 human “ghost tracks” dated to the erstwhile Ice Age more than 12,000 years ago, have been discovered in Utah’s Great Salt Lake Desert. Mystical in nature, they appear when just the right amount of...
Researchers claim to have found the ancestral homeland of all living humans today. Source: ginettigino /Adobe Stock

Researchers Pin-Point ‘Ancestral Homeland’ of All Modern Humans

Most people accept that anatomically modern humans first arose in Africa roughly 200,000 years ago, but the location where that monumental evolutionary event took place on the continent has been less...
Archaeologists work from scaffolding to excavate a roundhouse that collapsed into the river after a fire.

Houses from 3,000 Years Ago Are Among Best-Preserved of the Era in Britain

Archaeologists in England are making headway excavating two remarkably well-preserved Bronze Age dwellings that were burned in a fire and collapsed from their stilts into a river below about 3,000...