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Perast, Montenegro in a colorized postcard from circa 1900, includes the Palazzo of Count Vicko Bujović. Inset; Count Vicko Bujović of Perast. 	Source: Public domain Inset; Radio Kotor

The Thrilling Story of the Swashbuckling Count Vicko Bujović of Perast

We raise the sails as we delve deep into the archives of Perast, a maritime jewel of Montenegro facing Boka Bay. Once a great ally of the Venetian Republic, seemingly tiny Perast has huge history and...
Skeletal Trauma Reveals Class Inequality in Medieval Cambridge

Skeletal Trauma Reveals Class Inequality in Medieval Cambridge

Skeletal trauma has been studied in the remains of hundreds of people who lived in medieval Cambridge excavated from three cemeteries dating back to between the 10th and 14th century. The study has...
A section of the excavation site in the region known as the Land of the Blind, Istanbul, Turkey. Source: AA

Riches Unearthed in Turkey’s ‘Land of the Blind’

Excavations around a historic Istanbul train station have exposed a spread of tombs loaded with artifacts, including the remains of 28 human skeletons and 10,000 gold coins. Exploring the Land of the...
Skulls from mass grave in Yaroslavl, Russia, showing traces of violence. Source: Institute of Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences

800-Year-Old Russian Mass Grave Illustrates Extreme Mongol Violence

DNA testing has proven that three people who were found in a mass-grave in Russia dating back 800 years ago belonged to an elite family. Reading the words ‘Russia’ and ‘mass-grave’ in the same...
Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

The Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple: Secret Cellars Create the Richest Hindu Temple in India

Of all the Hindu temples in India, the wealthiest by far is the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple. According to Guinness World Records, this temple replaced the Tirupati Temple (also in India) as the...

Wealthy Vikings Wore Blue Linen Underwear

By ThorNews It is hard to imagine Eric Bloodaxe and other feared Viking kings and chieftains wearing blue linen underwear. However, if the research carried out at the University of Bergen is correct...
Roman tax collector calculating someone's taxes on an abacus

Can You Imagine a Taxation System Where the Wealthy Competed to Pay the Highest Taxes? It Really Happened!

Can you imagine a progressive tax system that motivates the wealthiest members of society to voluntarily pay large amounts of tax instead of implementing tax avoidance schemes, as is currently the...
Mythbusting Ancient Rome – The Truth About the Vomitorium

Mythbusting Ancient Rome – The Truth About the Vomitorium

After gorging on a feast of sausages, blood pudding, young sow’s udder, sea bream, lobster, mullet, Attic honey, and Syrian dates, all washed down with a few glasses Falernian wine, it is little...
Lifestyle of Rich and Famous in Ancient Times

Lifestyles of the rich and famous in biblical times

The city of Caesarea, located on the Israeli coastal plain near the city of Hadera, is known for the lavish lifestyle of certain contemporary residents. But it is not just the rich and famous in...