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water management

This diversion canal is part of the pre-Inca infiltration system during the dry season. Canals like this divert water during the wet season and could help stabilize the Peru water supply. Source: Musuq Briceño, CONDESAN, 2012. (Imperial College)

Ingenious Pre-Incan Hydrologic System Could Stabilize Modern Water Supply in Peru

The coastal region of Peru has one of the world’s least reliable water supplies, which dwindles dramatically during its dry season, meaning Lima especially struggles to supply water to its growing...
The ancient city of Gerasa with the modern city in the background.

Old Maps and Hi-Tech Scans Reveal A Lost City’s Watery Past at Jerash Jordan

Comparing high definition photography and state-of-the-art airborne laser scans with clues from ancient artifacts, archaeologists in Jordan have reconstructed the ancient waterways of a hidden urban...