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warrior woman

A painting of Bà Triệu on her elephant.

The Heroic Warrior Ba Trieu: A figure of Resistance Against Patriarchy and the Enemies of Vietnam

Warfare is a field that has long been dominated by men. Yet, in the history of war, there are a number of women who have emerged as great warriors or military leaders. One of the lesser known female...
This gold vial may have contained incense. Its contents, which were fossilized, will be analyzed.

Priceless treasure hoard found in 1st century grave of Sarmatian woman in Russia

Archaeologists doing exploratory digging for an airport in Russia have found the grave of an apparent noblewoman with very valuable items, including a sword and knives, gold and silver jewelry,...
The bones and the sword in the grave of the first known warrior woman of the ancient Kangyuy people of the steppes of Kazakhstan.

Woman buried with weapons is first evidence of female warriors among the Kangyuy people of Kazakhstan

The skeleton of a woman who lived more than 1,600 years ago and who was buried with a sword, a dagger, arrows, and pottery has been unearthed in Kazakhstan. Archaeologists say she was probably a high...