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Hachiman: Deified Emperor, War God, Protector Of The Japanese People

Hachiman: Deified Emperor, War God, Protector Of The Japanese People

Hachiman is a Japanese Shinto deity who is often considered to be the god of war. Although he is worshipped as a Shinto god, Buddhist elements were incorporated into this deity, following the arrival...
Ritual site - cultic platform found under the war god’s temple. Source: British Museum.

Ritual Site Dedicated to Mesopotamian War God Discovered in Iraq

Archaeologists working in Iraq have made an intriguing discovery. They have found a sacred area that was dedicated to a Mesopotamian war god. The site is up to 5,000 years-old and is in one of the...
Taputapuatea Marae. Source: Photo by  Abel, J

Taputapuatea Marae, An Ancient Site of Human Sacrifice and Communing with the Gods

French Polynesia is renowned for its beauty and friendly people, but still relatively little is known about its history. The sacred site of Taputapuatea marae is of great significance to the people...

The Spanish use of Animals as Weapons of War

Imagine you are a people hardened in battle, with a pugnacious martial code built up through two centuries of continuous warfare with your neighbors. You are a people accustomed to victory because...
War God - Moctezuma

Demonic Forces in History

Let’s pretend. Let’s make believe. That’s what you do when you write fiction, even though, in the process, you may set the foundations of your fantasy in the solid ground of reality. That’s what I...
Aztecs - Mexico

Force of Personality or Forces of History?

The Spanish conquest of Mexico, a turning point in human history comparable to the feats of Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan, took place nearly 500 years ago, between February 1519...