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virtual reality

Stairway inside the Great Pyramid, Egypt. Source: witthaya / Adobe Stock.

360° Tour inside the Great Pyramid of Giza (Video)

The BBC's 360° tour through the Great Pyramid of Giza , one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, provides viewers with an immersive virtual reality experience. The video tour starts in the...
Machu Picchu, Peru. Source: Chris / Adobe Stock

Archaeology Recreations: What These 10 Ancient Sites Really Looked Like (Video)

The most famous archaeological sites of the world have been inspiring tourists and researchers for centuries. But have you ever wondered how they looked in their prime? Archaeology and technology...
Analysis of Roman house design in virtual reality, with eye-catching areas highlighted. Source: Campanaro & Landeschi / Antiquity Publications Ltd

VR Explores Pompeii to Understand the Tricks of Roman House Design

Ancient Roman houses—at least those of the wealthy—were built not just for comfort but also to impress. Many design elements and “tricks” were employed to enhance or hide specific parts of the house...
A team from the University of Salford has built a scale model of Stonehenge to test the acoustics of the famous Neolithic structure. Source: Acoustics Research Centre / University of Salford

“Stonehenge Lego” Proves The Original Had Awesome Acoustics

A mini model of Stonehenge has been built in the UK by researchers using the latest technologies. They were interested in the acoustics of the structure that dates to the Neolithic period (2200 BC)...