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The Aboriginal rock art of Uluru that has been damaged, with stains of a dark fluid that can clearly be seen.    Source: Emma Haskin / ABC

Greasy Scumbags Vandalize Sacred Uluru’s Ancient Aboriginal Rock Art

Uluru, or Ayers Rock , is the massive natural sandstone monolith standing at the sacred heart of Australia’s Northern Territory’s ‘Red Centre’ and after years of abuse, now, ancient Aboriginal rock...
Left: Before the damage was completed to the medieval village site in Withybrook, Warwickshire, in 2014. Right: After the damage more recently. The substantial work completed can be seen, e.g. creation of large track.	Source: 	Historic England

English Family Fined for ‘Cynical’ Destruction of Medieval Village

Historic England have announced the remains of Withybrook medieval village in Warwickshire have been irreparably damaged by a family, who wanted to graze horses. John Mac, 58, his wife Elizabeth and...
The vandalism caused to 3000-year-old rock carvings in Pangaion Hills.	Source: 	Greece High Definition

What a Way to Start the Year! 3 Shocking Acts of Vandalism in First Week

The first week of January brings three shocking acts of vandalism on ancient monuments in Greece , England and Wales, and the ignorant vandals are accused of lacking education, knowledge and...