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Avi Kumar

Avi is a freelance writer of Sri Lankan descent. He has a history and wildlife background and travels the world, speaks 11 languages and likes to visit and research offbeat places and sites. 

Avi’s work has been featured on many international publications across the globe including Khaleej Times, The Jerusalem Post, Irish Examiner and Daily Mirror. 

He has a passion for adventure. 


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Ancient World mythologies. Source: filmmaster/Adobe Stock

Beyond Reality: 5 Common Themes in World Mythologies

Across the world we have different myths and legends from the elephant god Ganesha to the Maya Jaguar gods to different types of angels, goblins, and fairy like figures that have different names, but...
Imagine the excitement of coming up close and personal with the beasts of Jurassic Park. Source: Garrett / Adobe Stock

5 Places That Will Remind You of Jurassic Park

Stepping into a natural history museum and coming face-to-face with the real-life fossilized remains of dinosaurs, or even animatronic models, can be an adventure. But there’s only so far that one’s...
Ancient Cave Art at Mfangano Island, Kenya. Source: Avi Kumar

Ancient Cave Art at Mfangano Island Kenya, Revered For Generations

Mfangano Island in Kenya’s Lake Victoria hosts some ancient rock art that is an estimated to be 4000 years old. It consists of concentric circles built by a culture long gone but still revered. Lake...
Flores hobbits may have arrived on leaf baskets.  Here they interact with stegodons and Komodo dragon. Source: Peter Schouten

Flores Hobbits May Have Floated to the Island on Leaf Nests

While Frodo in Tolkien’s Middle Earth ventured very far to destroy a magic ring and Gollum was a good swimmer, real-life ‘hobbit’ ancestors may have also traversed far to get to their island! After...