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Tuareg man with his traditional tagelmust face and head covering in the mountains of Hoggar, Algeria.	 Source: Sahara Nature / Adobe Stock

The Ancient Tuareg: “Free Men” of the Sahara Desert

In the heart of the Sahara Desert, an ancient people known as the Tuareg have thrived for centuries. The enigmatic history, which can be traced back thousands of years, unfolds as a testament to...
A traditional imzad instrument, made by local craftswomen and played only by women.

Reviving the Music of their Foremothers: A Traditional Tuareg Instrument for Women Makes a Comeback

A traditional stringed gourd instrument of the Tuareg people in Africa, played only by women because of the threat of a curse upon men who play it, is making a comeback. Only two women were known to...
An oil painting of Queen Tin Hinan.

The Monumental Tomb of Queen Tin Hinan, Ancient Ancestress of the Tuaregs

Queen Tin Hinan is renowned in Tuareg history as a fourth century matriarch of great prestige – named “Mother of Us All”. Her monumental tomb was located in 1925 in the Sahara desert, but dramatic...