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True Cross

Lithography of Saint Helena by Fridolin Leiber. Source: Public domain

St Helena, Discoverer of the True Cross, Was the First Archaeologist

In 326 AD the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine set out on a legendary pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Dubbed the world’s “first archaeologist,” Saint Helena was posthumously credited with...
The Russian warship Moskova (CC by SA 4.0).

Did A Fragment of The True Cross Just Sink with Russia’s Destroyed Warship?

Was the recently sunk Russian flagship, The Moskova , carrying a fragment of the ‘true cross' of Christ? The Moskva was Russia's Black Sea fleet flagship. The warcraft sank last Thursday after an...
The mountain citadel of Perperikon, located near Kardzhali in Bulgaria, is an isolated dream for archaeologists. (Victor Lauer / Adobe Stock)

The Great Mountain Citadel of Perperikon and the Dionysian Cult

The modern nation of Bulgaria was always at the crossroads of history. Situated in a crucial historic region, it is filled to the brim with important archaeological sites and places of immense value...