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A shrunken head of Jivaro on display.  Source: Tylwyth Eldar / CC BY-SA 4.0

Jivaro's Macabre Mastery: The Enigmatic Shrunken Heads of Jivaro

Headhunting is a practice that has been carried out by numerous cultures throughout the world. For instance, during the Qin Dynasty in ancient China, it is claimed that soldiers collected the heads...
Left, Historic illustration of a nomadic Scythian archer; Right, leather items from the study.	Source:  Left, Lunstream / Adobe Stock, Right, Luise Ørsted Brandt et al. /PLoS ONE

Study Shows Scythian Warriors Crafted Human Skin Arrow Quivers

A team of anthropologists analyzing leather samples used to craft arrow quivers from Scythian settlements across Ukraine quite expected to see cattle, horse and sheep among their results. But what...
Prehistoric Spanish Massacre Rewrites the History of War in Europe

Prehistoric Spanish Massacre Rewrites the History of War in Europe

A study of victims of a Spanish prehistoric massacre is providing researchers with new insights into the evolution of warfare . Archaeologists have found evidence of a sacked settlement and the...
One of six trophy heads found in the 27 funerary pits.

Recently Unearthed Head Collectors in Ancient Peru Might Not Be So Unique

Head-hunting, as a way of establishing power and veneration of the head as the throne of the soul and the body’s spiritual engine, began in Europe as far back as Mesolithic times, approximately 13,...
The pit of arm bones (Antiquity photo)

Pit of Amputated Arms in France from 6,000 years ago Suggest War and Trophy-Taking

About 6,000 years ago in France some hostiles in an apparent act of warfare and trophy-taking killed a group of adults and children, amputated their arms and buried the limbs in a circular pit...