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Skeletal Trauma Reveals Class Inequality in Medieval Cambridge

Skeletal Trauma Reveals Class Inequality in Medieval Cambridge

Skeletal trauma has been studied in the remains of hundreds of people who lived in medieval Cambridge excavated from three cemeteries dating back to between the 10th and 14th century. The study has...
Analysis of the Cova Foradada Skull has revealed the story of the ancient incident. Source: Rovira i Virgili University (URV)

Solved: The 4000-Year-Old Murder Mystery Of The Cova Foradada Skull

A murder that took place over 4,000 years ago in Spain’s Cova Foradada Cave has been “solved.” Archaeologists investigating the scene of the brutal murder in the Spanish cave have now used high-tech...
An ancient child skeleton. Representational only – not the skeleton found in Turkey.  Credit: Scott Haddow / Flickr

5,700-Year-Old Child Skeleton with Crushed Head Found in Turkey

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of a child who died in the Copper Age, 5,700 years ago, in Turkey. The skeleton, believed to be that of a 6- or 7-year-old, was found in the ruins of a...
Right lateral view of the Cioclovina calvaria exhibiting a large depressed fracture.      Source: Kranoti et al / Plos One

Murder in the Paleolithic? Proof of Ancient Homicide Deduced By Forensic Archaeology

A paper published today has concluded that the 33,000 year old remains of a man excavated in a cave in South Transylvania are of the victim of a bloody and murderous attack. The cause of death was...
One of two cases of healed blows to the cranium from the Playa Venado excavations. 	Source: Nicole Smith-Guzmán, STRI

Famous Report of Violent Savages in pre-Columbian Panama Got It Wrong

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute via Science Daily Buried alive. Butchered. Decapitated. Hacked. Mutilated. Killed. Archaeologist Samuel K. Lothrop did not obfuscate when describing what he...
Fight with Cudgels, 1819-1823 by Francisco de Goya

New Study Reveals that London was the Most Violent Place in Medieval England

A new study suggests that medieval London was notorious for its excessive violence. The overall findings suggest that violence affected many parts of medieval London, although predictably it...
How Ancient Warriors Coped with the Brutality of War

How Ancient Warriors Coped with the Brutality of War

As many as 7% of armed forces personnel suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and that figure is expected to rise as the full impact of a decade of war in the Middle East makes itself felt. But...
An obsidian point is embedded in prehistoric human remains from a burial in central California.

The American Wild West had been wild for thousands of years

America’s Wild West may have been just as wild before the white man arrived with horses, guns and liquor. Analysis of more than 16,000 skeletons of Native Americans buried across 2,500 years shows...
A frontal view of Cranium 17 showing the position of the traumatic events T1 (inferior) and T2 (superior).

430,000-Year-Old Murder Victim? Researchers Bring to Light First Known Homicide

A deliberate homicide so old that it predates Homo sapiens has come to light in Spain. Researchers piecing together skulls and skeletons from the Sima de los Huesos (Pit of Bones) cave say one skull...