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Transylvanian Fortified Church in Harman, Romania. Source: Calin Stan / Adobe Stock

Sacred Defense in the Middle Ages: Transylvanian Fortified Churches

One would think that a church is a place of refuge, of spiritual comfort and protection - where violence has no place to exist. Usually, this is exactly the case and throughout the world churches are...
Bran Castle in central Romania has a long history and relates to Count Dracula too!		Source: Dobre Cezar / CC BY-SA 3.0 RO

Bran Castle, Better Known As Dracula’s Castle, Has A Long History!

Bran Castle is a medieval castle located in Brașov County, Transylvania, Romania. The castle was built during the 14th century, though an earlier fortification stood in the area during the preceding...
The Hoia Forest in Romania has become connected to paranormal activity in local legends and is said to be haunted by unfriendly spirits.

Romania’s Bermuda Triangle: The Creepy Hoia Forest of Transylvania

Outside of Romania , especially in the English-speaking world, Transylvania is a land associated with vampires. Inside Romania, where Vlad Dracul , or Vlad the Impaler , is a national hero, the story...
Subterranean Secrets at the Temple of Sinca Veche

Subterranean Secrets at the Temple of Sinca Veche

The forested hills and craggy mountains of Romania offer both archaeological and supernatural tourists a wide range of stunning gothic churches and medieval monasteries. One Romanian site that serves...
Romanian Postage stamp design 1989 with Conrad Hass, Austrian military engineer with an early rocket design.

Conrad Haas’ Flying Javelin: Yes, It Is 16th Century Rocket Science

Conrad Haas was a military engineer who lived during the 16 th century. Not much is known for certain about Haas’ life, in fact, he was largely forgotten by history. But this changed in 1961, when a...