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The reconstructed Sweet Track is a walkway aged 5830 years, situated in England's Somerset Levels. Source: International Journal of Heritage Studies/CC BY 4.0

Sweet Track, a 6,000-year-old Testament of Prehistoric Ingenuity

Ancient history, before the major civilizations emerged, is a world full of secrets and hidden knowledge. People often have a skewed view of these periods of humanity, thinking that the people of the...
Neanderthal (Homo neanderthalensis) footprint in the Natural History Museum in Prague.

Young Neanderthal Footprint Found in Gibraltar is Only the Second Example in the World

The sand sheets in the rampant dunes above Catalan Bay in Gibraltar are a relic of the last glaciation, when the sea level was up to 120 meters below present levels and a great field of dunes...
Part of the Corlea Trackway.

Corlea Trackway Holds the Echoes of 2000-year-old Footsteps

The Corlea Trackway (known also in Irish as Bóthar Chorr Liath ) is a timber trackway dating to the Iron Age. This ancient trackway is located near Keenagh, a village to the south of Longford, in...
A sauropod footprint found in Scotland was among several that included smaller, two-legged meat-eating dinosaur footprints.

Scientists Find Massive Footprints, Here’s What Ancient Creatures It Belonged To

By Tom Ozimek , Epoch Times The biggest dinosaurs ever to have lived left footprints 170 million years ago, which were only recently discovered by scientists in Scotland. Early sauropods – the...