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Ancient Alaskan Petroglyphs in Stone. Some of the best surviving examples of native artistic expression are petroglyphs found in southeast Alaska. Source: LoweStock/Adobe Stock

The Continuing Enigma of the Petroglyph Beach in Wrangell, Alaska

The wild and enigmatic northern regions of North America have always been a place of great mystery. The wild beauty of Alaska, of Canada’s vast northern provinces, and their tranquil coastal areas,...
Researchers Find Elusive 19th Century Alaskan Fort

Researchers Find Elusive 19th Century Alaskan Fort

Researchers in Alaska have pinpointed the location of an elusive 19th century Alaskan fort using radar technology. They’ve found the remnants of a significant historical site - the Tlingit clans’...
Tlingit Indian by Cenk Unver (Fotolia) and Alaskan background (Fotolia)

The Supernatural Traditions of the Alaskan Shaman

When the word ‘shaman’ is mentioned, it is common for one to visualize semi-naked cat-skin clad witchdoctors, wheeling around fires in mild southern climates. Less often does one picture holy men...