The Theater of Bosra, Syria (CC by SA 3.0)

How the Roman Theater of Bosra Became a Muslim Citadel

The Romans, along with their successors the Byzantines , occupied the Levant for almost 800 years and left many preserved remains. One of the most remarkably preserved Roman sites in all the Middle...
Roman gold coins found in an amphora in Como, Italy

Theatre of Treasure: Roman Gold Coins Found in Northern Italy ‘Could Be Worth Millions’

The Italian Minister for Culture has announced a stunning discovery in Northern Italy. Hundreds of Roman gold coins have been unearthed at the site of an old theatre in Como and the Italian Press has...
Ancient Greek theater (Segesta).

Ancient Greek Theater and the Monumental Amphitheaters in Honor of Dionysus

To the Ancient Greeks, theater was a form of entertainment taken very seriously. People would come from all across the Greek world to attend the popular theaters held in open air amphitheaters. In...
Mosaic, shown Gargoyles in form of Theatrical masks of Tragedy and Comedy. Roman artwork, 2nd century AD.

Masks, Sex, Laughter, and Tears: The Exciting Evolution of Ancient Greek Theater

The city of theater was Athens. Athens birthed drama, bred drama, and ultimately was responsible for cultivating it into the premiere art of the Classical world—at least according to Greek...
Satyr Playing the Pipe (Jupiter's Childhood) (fragment) Jacob Jordaens 1639

War, Death and the Wrath of Gods: How Satyr Plays Helped Ancient Greeks Cope With Life

Before Shakespeare, there were the Greeks. The infamous "all the world's a stage" quote attributed to the Elizabethan writer in the 16th century far more accurately describes the world of ancient...
Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

Ancient Roman theatre discovered beneath the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

Archaeologists conducting an excavation beneath the Palazzo Vecchio, a 13 th century building which serves as the Town Hall in Florence, have discovered the remains of an ancient Roman theatre dating...