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Erotic fresco in Pompeii. Source: Aleksandr / Adobe Stock.

Intimate Secrets: Pompeii's Forbidden Erotica Exposed (Video)

Within the National Archaeological Museum in Naples lies a captivating chamber known as the 'Secret Chamber,' where a remarkable assemblage of erotic art from Pompeii and Herculaneum is exhibited in...
What is a Wendigo? A depiction of the mythical creature of Native American legend. Source: GARETH / Adobe Stock

What is a Wendigo? The Beast with an insatiable Hunger for Human Flesh

The Wendigo is a horrifying creature of Algonquian Native American legends said to devour human flesh to survive a harsh winter. But are they only part of Native American mythology or are there...
Could Dhaka Muslin be coming back?

Scandalous Fashion: The Naked Appeal of Dhaka Muslin

Dhaka Muslin is a precious fabric that gained popularity around 200 years ago, but its roots go back much further. In the late 18 th century, Dhaka muslin became a new fashion and gained both...
The Sacred Band of Thebes: Elite Fighters… and Lovers!

The Sacred Band of Thebes: Elite Fighters… and Lovers!

The Sacred Band of Thebes was an elite fighting unit consisting of 300 Theban soldiers who were not only warriors but coupled lovers as well. According to the scholar Plutarch, the creation of the...
Artist’s representation of the triple burial of Dolni Vestonice

The Prehistoric Triple Burial at Dolni Vestonice - New DNA Evidence Deepens the Mystery

Three decades ago, in the Spring of 1986, archaeologists uncovered the extraordinary burial of three young individuals in a common grave. What they found presented an archaeological mystery – the...
Artwork depicting a Tibetan Mastiff from the Qing Dynasty.

A Loyal Companion and Much More: Dogs in Ancient China

It is generally accepted that the dog is one of the earliest animals that was domesticated by human beings. In today’s society, the dog is regarded by many as ‘man’s best friend’. This view has been...