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stone carvings

Some of the nine supposed human figurines unearthed on Orkney. Source:

Nine Ancient Human Figurines Discovered On Orkney? Or Not?

Archaeologists excavating a proposed electricity sub-station in Orkney have uncovered what they believe are unusual ancient stone carvings . It was a team of excavators working in Orkney, the island...
Hidden carvings have been found on the tomb of Bishop Robert Cardeny at Dunkeld Cathedral.

Medieval Stone Carvings on Bishop's Tomb Lie Unseen for 600 Years

Many amazing discoveries have been made entirely by accident and Scottish experts have just announced one such discovery. During conservation work they have unexpectedly found medieval stone carvings...
James Balme found this stone on sale as a garden ornament in England

Ancient stone with strange carvings, possibly Anglo-Saxon, turns up in garden shop

A stone with mysterious carvings, possibly dating from the Anglo-Saxon or Viking era, had been on sale as a garden ornament when television host and archaeologist James Balme bought it recently,...