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star chart

Detail of the palimpsest under multispectral analysis. Source: Museum of the Bible / CC BY-SA 4.0

World’s Oldest Star Chart Discovered Hidden in Medieval Codex

In 2012, a student at Cambridge University identified what he suspected was an ancient Greek star map hidden behind text in a medieval codex. Compiled with astronomical data from the 2nd century AD,...
A detail of the star chart of Idy of Asyut showing the sky goddess Nut holding up the heavens at the top.

Star charts reveal how ancient Egyptians planned to navigate the sky after death

Like others in the ancient world in the Americas, Asia, Europe and around the Mediterranean, Egyptian pharaohs and nobles associated stars with their gods or thought they could be deified by becoming...
The star chart painting on the ceiling of the Kitora Tomb, Asuka, Japan

Kitora Tomb Star Chart is Declared the Oldest in the World

The Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs have announced that a star chart discovered in ancient Asuka in the country’s Nara Prefecture, is based on much older celestial observations made in China,...