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South Asia

Minoan Monkey art in Akrotiri, Greece. Source: ZDE / CC BY-SA 3.0

Minoan Monkey Business: Fresco Links Greek Island With Asia

Experts studying ancient Minoan monkey paintings on a Greek island have made a discovery that provides new knowledge of the trade network of the archaic civilization. Analysis of a depiction of a...
Close-up of a woman's eyes and red bindi.

Bindi: Investigating the True Meaning Behind the Hindu Forehead Dot

A distinct dot is a popular forehead decoration worn mainly in South Asia - especially in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Mauritius. It is an old Hindu tradition and is known as a bindi,...
Denisovan cave (CC BY-SA 4,0)

Where in the World are our Neanderthal and Denisovan Ancestors?

Most non-Africans possess at least a little bit Neanderthal DNA. But a new map of archaic ancestry--published March 28 in Current Biology--suggests that many bloodlines around the world, particularly...