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silver coins

Iron Age weapons and other artifacts found at the Wildenberg Castle site in Germany.

Massive Stash of Iron Age Weapons Reveals Victory Rituals

A massive Iron Age weapons armory has been discovered in North Rhine-Westphalia at Wildenberg Castle, Germany, the biggest find of its kind ever. Archaeologists from the reputed Regional Association...
More than 650 priceless ancient Roman coins have been unearthed at the Aizanoi archaeological site in Turkey. Source: Andalou Agency

Jug of Priceless Ancient Roman Coins Discovered in Special Turkish City

A “very special and unique collection” of ancient Roman coins have been unearthed at an equally special 5,000-year-old archaeological site in Turkey. More than 650 priceless coins were found at...
Pillar dollar, 8 reals and minted in Mexico. At the top there is a small hole, probably used to sew the coin into clothing.

Black Market Bounty: Experts Find Coins Sewn into Clothes at Shipwreck

Maritime archaeologists have made an astonishing discovery off the Kent coast in England. While investigating an almost three-hundred-year-old shipwreck they found some coins that had been sewn into...
The ancient Roman coins, dating to the 1st century AD alongside the clay vessel in which they were found; the owner’s name is inscribed on the vessel.

Nearly 3,000 Roman silver coins dating to 1st century AD found in Bulgaria

A trove of 2,976 silver Roman coins stamped with emperors and their family members has been unearthed in Sofia, Bulgaria, at an ancient Roman and Thracian city inside the city’s borders...