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Blackwall Yard from the Thames by Francis Holman (1784) (Public Domain)

Plain Sailing: Shapes And Speed In Historic Naval Designs

During the 1700s, European naval studies were decisive and very important, so much so that espionage by Spain and France against England for military and naval purposes alone had become a real...
Viking ships like these were built, serviced, loaded, and unloaded at Viking shipyards across Scandinavia, and the recent Birka Viking shipyard discovery is a "first of its kind” in the world of Viking ports.	Source: Dimart_Graphics / Adobe Stock

Unique Viking Shipyard Found Showing A “Maritime Cultural Landscape”

An archaeological investigation of maritime remains connected to the Viking Age town of Birka in Sweden carried out since August 2020 has revealed a “first of its kind” Viking shipyard. Birka, also...
Wooden canoes. Credit: hanohiki / Adobe Stock

8000-Year-Old Shipyard Located off English Coast is World’s Oldest

Marine archaeologists have published stunning images of what they think is an 8000-year-old shipyard located just off the coast of England. They have just found a large number of timber boards that...