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shell midden

Maxilla and tooth specimen excavated at the Stone Age burial site in Portugal’s Cabeço da Amoreira. Source: Petroteo-Stjerna et. al. / CC BY 4.0

African Remains Discovered in Prehistoric Shell Heap in Portugal

In an intriguing discovery, the remains of an African man who died just 350 years ago have been found buried in a prehistoric shell midden in Amoreira in Portugal. The middens in Amoreira and other...
A closeup of the incisions on the Bay of Skaill stone recently found just next to Skara Brae

Carved Stones May Indicate Neolithic Settlement on Scottish Isle!

Archaeologists in Orkney believe they “might” have discovered another 5,000-year-old Neolithic settlement in the Bay of Skaill, beside the world famous Skara Brae. Thought to date to around 3,000 BC...
Exposed shell midden on the Pike River cliff line near the Riverland region Aborigines’ project site.      Source: Flinders University

Study Shows Riverland Region Aborigines Were Thriving 29000 Years Ago

Researchers have established that Riverland region Aborigines lived in South Australia much earlier than previously thought. They determined that Riverland region Aborigines lived in the area an...