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Horned warrior mercenary ( AlainAlexander/Adobe Stock)

Where Did The Shardana, Warrior Mercenaries Of Egypt Originate From?

A 13th-century BC inscription of Ramesses II reads: “ The unruly Sherden whom no one had ever known to combat, they came boldly (sailing) in their warships from the midst of the sea, none being able...
Ancient Battle

Identifying an Ancient Battle and Dating the Song of Deborah

In the world of academia, it has always been the general consensus that some of the Bible’s poetry predates its prose literature. For instance, the poetry came first, whether it was preserved orally...
Mycenaean Greeks in the Egyptian military of Ramesses

Did Mycenaean Greeks serve in the Egyptian military of Ramesses?

In the year 2006, news outlets all across the globe began to report of an extraordinary archaeological find from a Mycenaean palace located on the island of Salamis, the largest island within the...