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  1. Critically Endangered South American Forests were Planted by Ancient Peoples

    ... Park, Araucanía, Chile. ( CC BY-SA 4.0 ) Ancient Landscaping Dr Mark Robinson, from the University of Exeter, who led the ...

    ancient-origins - 18/05/2018 - 13:56

  2. Stone Age Inns to be Examined by French Archaeologists

    ... inns. These houses are turned into museums of eras.” Landscaping work carried out with the permission of the Ministry of Culture and ...

    aprilholloway - 19/06/2013 - 12:45

  3. Rare 9th Century Tools Discovered under Norwegian Garden, Revealing Status of Blacksmiths in Viking Age

    Routine landscaping last year led to a Norwegian man inadvertently uncovering extremely ...

    lizleafloor - 21/01/2015 - 21:48

  4. 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus

    ... Indeed, Indians were not living lightly on the land but were landscaping and manipulating their world in ways that we are only now beginning ...

    ancient-origins - 13/10/2018 - 02:41

  5. Paleolithic Stone Slab Discovered in Spain May be the First Map of a Hunter-Gatherer Campsite

    ... could, therefore also be one of the first examples of landscaping documented in the history of art, with the distinction that this ...

    Marilo - 06/12/2015 - 03:46

  6. Temple of Heaven and Its Sacrificial Altar Where Blood Was Spilt for Bountiful Harvests

    ... people who manage the temple have retained the garden landscaping and paths as they were in centuries past. The managers preserve the ...

    Mark Miller - 20/12/2018 - 13:55

  7. Exploring the Ancient Andes - 2016 Peru & Bolivia Tour

    ... followed an advanced plan of architecture and artificial landscaping. Ernesto Cabrera Claux Ernesto is the son of Dr. Javier ...

    ancient-origins - 15/01/2016 - 23:23