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Scientists Totally Despiritualize A Group Of Holy Relics

Scientists Totally Despiritualize A Group Of Holy Relics

Since the sixth century AD a church in Rome has treasured what the devout have believed to be the holy relics of the two apostles Saint James the Younger and Saint Philip. Now, new scientific...
A Viking Burial. Credit: Igor Igorevich / Adobe Stock

Viking King Buried With a Pillow and Fine Silk, New Study Confirms

It’s amazing what we can learn from ancient textiles and other artifacts with scientific analysis. The Viking burial textiles in the coffins of two powerful Danish Vikings are providing us with...
An example, one of very few, of the Minoan Linear A script, found on Crete, Greece.   Source: (Zde / CC BY-SA 4.0)

The Enduring Mystery Of The Minoan Linear A Script Partially Solved!

In a major breakthrough, European researchers have used new methods to decipher the ancient Linear A script of Minoan civilization. The team’s research focused on Linear A fractional mathematical...