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Sargon II

Sebaste’s archaeology ancient ruins             Source: Pavel Bernshtam / Adobe Stock

Ancient Samaria, a City Destroyed and Ten Tribes Lost Forever

Once known as the Land of Canaan, the region was home to great cultures and civilizations for thousands of years. As a result, there are many historic ruins and one of the most fascinating is the...
Representation of the cuneiform inscription discovery about the ancient city of Karkemish

Ancient Inscription Details Conquest of Assyrian King Sargon II

In "A New Historical Inscription of Sargon II from Karkemish," published in the Journal of Near Eastern Studies , Gianni Marchesi translates a recently discovered inscription of the Assyrian King...
Winged human-headed bull, lamassu or shedu, the Lost City of Dur-Sharrukin.

The Lost City of Dur-Sharrukin – The Capital That Never Was

Dur-Sharrukin is an ancient Assyrian city that was founded towards the end of the 8 th century BC. The city was established by Sargon II to serve as his new capital. Nevertheless, Sargon died before...