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View of the Sahure pyramid from the outside at Abusir, Egypt. Right; Dr. Mohamed Khaled, project leader, during the excavations in the Sahure pyramid.           Source: Mohamed Khaled / Uni Würzburg, Sailingstone Travel/Adobe Stock

Eight New Chambers Revealed at the Sahure Pyramid

Described as a ‘very significant’ find, eight rooms, that probably accommodated royal grave goods, have been uncovered in the Pyramid of Sahure in Abusir, Giza. These chambers, obscured from the...
Image of Osiris (Adobe Stock) and bust of Sargon (CC BY-SA 2.0) (Deriv)

Was The Historical Egyptian Osiris Perhaps Sargon Of Akkad?

In many respects the narrative of the Egyptian god, Osiris, seems to be all too human. Is it possible that his origin goes back to a real historical king? Could the historical Osiris have been none...