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Sahara Desert

Tuareg man with his traditional tagelmust face and head covering in the mountains of Hoggar, Algeria.	 Source: Sahara Nature / Adobe Stock

The Ancient Tuareg: “Free Men” of the Sahara Desert

In the heart of the Sahara Desert, an ancient people known as the Tuareg have thrived for centuries. The enigmatic history, which can be traced back thousands of years, unfolds as a testament to...
Digital reconstruction of a Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur and a prehistoric Sarcosuchus crocodile or SuperCroc. Source: Michael Rosskothen / Adobe Stock

Dinosaur-Eating Galloping Crocodiles Once Existed in the Sahara Desert

Believe it or not, but 100 million years ago the area of the present-day scorching hot Sahara Desert was a lush swamp home not just to dinosaurs, but also to several kinds of prehistoric crocodilians...
Reconstruction of the Homo erectus Turkana Boy from the Nariokotome, Kenya site, exhibited in the Neanderthal Museum in Erkrath, Germany.

Large Cache of Stone Tools Used by Homo Erectus Unearthed in Sudan

Polish archaeologists exploring an ancient gold mine in Sudan in the eastern Sahara Desert struck an entirely different kind of “gold.” Acting on a rumor, they found hundreds of stone tools that were...
Archaeological site Jabal Maragha in Sudan has been destroyed by industrial-scale looting. Illustrative image from Jebel Bakal across the Sudanese desert with the pyramids. Source: Frank / Adobe Stock

Industrial-Scale Looting Destroys Ancient Sudanese Site

A 2000-year-old historic site has been destroyed in Sudan by illegal treasure hunters using construction-sized excavators to search for buried gold. In Sudan many of the country’s archaeological...
A new study has found links between the end of the Green Sahara, the era when the Sahara Desert was lush and green, and the Southeast Asian megadrought that lasted a millennium. Source: Galyna Andrushko / Adobe Stock

Sahara Climate Change Linked to 1000-Year Southeast Asian Megadrought

Climate researchers exploring the molecular-structure of stalagmites discovered in Laos caves have married their observations with models of the Sahara drying up 4,000 years ago to show the...
Five Arch Rock

The Isolated Ennedi Geological Formations Are Rarely visited But Never Forgotten

In some of the most desolate areas on earth there are astonishing natural features and geological wonders. The Ennedi geological features in the African country of Chad are a prime example. These are...
Ghadames, Libya’s Pearl of the Desert

Ghadames, Libya’s Pearl of the Desert

Ghadames is a large oasis town in the region of Tripolitania, which is situated in the north western part of Libya. This town sits on Libya’s border with Algeria and Tunisia, and is commonly referred...
The Lost Persian Army

Has the mystery of the Lost Persian Army finally been solved?

The final resting place of a 50,000-strong Persian army which was swallowed up in a cataclysmic sandstorm in the Sahara Desert around 524 BC is one of the greatest mysteries in ancient history. Many...
Tutankhamun’s Brooch - Meteorite

Tutankhamun’s Brooch Holds Evidence of Ancient Comet Striking Earth

The treasures of the 18 th Dynasty pharaoh Tutankhamun were first discovered by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon in 1922 when they uncovered his tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Among the gold,...