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Sacred Grove

Steps leading to an Etruscan rock altar. (Mundo Analogico / YouTube Screenshot)

The Mysterious Ancient Etruscan Monuments of Selva di Malano

Selva di Malano, which may be translated to mean ‘Forest of Malano,’ is an archaeological site located in Viterbo, in the central Italian region of Lazio. The site is known for its carved stone...
Oshun, African Goddess of Love

Oshun: African Goddess of Love and Sweet Waters

Across many ancient civilizations throughout the world, love was placed under the domain of a certain deity, usually, but not in all cases, a goddess. In the Classical world, for instance, there were...
Ogre in the park of monsters, close to Bomarzo

Where the Wild Things Are: Garden of Monsters Was Built to Convey the Despair of its Creator

Located in the Garden of Bomarzo, in Northern Lazio, Italy is The Sacro Bosco , or “Sacred Grove,” also known as the Park of Monsters, or the Villa of Wonders. The park was commissioned in 1552 by...