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A Roman soldier keeping a lookout over the misty hills of Britannia. (Justinas / Adobe Stock)

The Legacy Of Emperor Magnus Maximus, Despite His Damnatio Memoriae

In Roman times, a decree of Damnatio memoriae was the chief way of obliterating the memory, nearly always posthumous, of those perceived as having transgressed in some way, as was the case of Emperor...
The Oxford Archaeology East team sat inside the lime kiln.    Source: Oxford Archaeology East

A Fascinating Roman Industrial Complex Has Been Excavated In England

The remains of a Roman period industrial complex has been uncovered by archaeologists in England, and includes kilns for making lime, mortar and pottery, and this discovery represents a detailed...
Roman brooch found in Leasingham, England by a metal detectorist. Source: The Collection Museum in Lincolnshire.

Stunning Rare Roman Horse Brooch Found in Britain

Metal detectorists in recent years have made an amazing series of historical finds . In Britain, a detectorist has unearthed a very rare and beautiful Roman brooch in a plowed field. It is only the...
Left; Whitehawk woman Right; Neanderthal Woman Reconstruction Exhibition, Brighton.

Facial Reconstruction Brings People Face-to-Face With Their Ancient Ancestors

Detailed data and minute details have both fed into an exhibition taking place In the English city of Brighton, that offers people a chance to see not only physical cultural items, but their ancient...