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Roman era

The remains of the ancient Roman sandal found on the “thawing” Lendbreen ice patch, which has yielded numerous unusual artifacts, including the world’s oldest ski, over the last few years.					Source: Arkeonews

Trendy Roman Era Sandals Discovered on Norway Ice Pass

It might be a controversial statement, but despite the havoc that global warming and climate change are wreaking on the world’s ice cover, there is one community of people benefiting from this –...
Development of Advanced Pottery by “Barbarians” Found in Poland

Development of Advanced Pottery by “Barbarians” Found in Poland

A massive archaeological site in Wrzępia, a tiny village in southern Poland, has been discovered by a team of Polish archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology, Jagellonian University, Krakow...
Sunken ships, statues and treasure have been found under water at in bay near Alexandria.

Three Roman Shipwrecks with Hoard of Treasures Discovered in Alexandria

A team of archaeologists in Egypt has recently announced the discovery of three underwater shipwrecks full of treasure and other valuable objects that date back to the Roman Era in Abu Qir Bay,...
An archaeologist at work in a Roman-era necropolis in Poland

Scientists find huge Roman-era burial site in Poland included two 'Princely Graves'

Archaeologists are working in a huge necropolis in Poland where remains of people who lived from about 100 to 400 A.D. are buried. They have found two gigantic tombs that they call “princely graves...