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The Swiss site in Gebenstorf, and (inset) some of the unexpectedly large and extensive Roman walls found by the initial archaeology. Source: Archaeology News / Cantonal archeology, © Canton Aargau.

Swiss Archaeologists in Gebenstorf Find Unexpectedly Extensive Roman Site

Archaeologists in Switzerland have discovered a large Roman settlement in Gebenstorf in the Canton of Aargau. The area is slated for a major modern redevelopment and the race is on to preserve this...
Representational image depicting ruins unearthed at Chichen Itza. Residential buildings found at Chichen Viejo are a first for Maya archaeology. Source: Jonatan Cortes / Adobe Stock

Stunning Homes of Maya Elite Revealed at Mexico’s Chichen Viejo

Archaeologists working in the northern Yucatan peninsula of Mexico have announced the discovery of a group of ancient structures near the 5th century AD Mayan city Chichen Itza. According to a...
The residential city just unearthed near Luxor Temple: Credit: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

Complete Ancient Roman-Era City Discovered Near Luxor Temple in Egypt

Archaeologists in Egypt have uncovered a complete Roman-era residential city near Luxor Temple, including houses, bathrooms, and workshops dating back 1,800 years. The residential area is an...
Ancient University of Nalanda in India

The ancient university of Nalanda, and its revival in the modern day

Nalanda University was an ancient centre of learning in India, and among the first great universities in recorded history, predating such institutions of higher learning like Al-Azhar in Egypt (10 th...