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Left: artist Matt Loughrey’s reconstruction of the bust of King Henry VII of England. (Courtesy of Matt Loughrey / My Colorful Past).     Right: Henry Tudor, painted on 29 October 1505 AD by Herman Rinck, an agent for the Holy Roman Emperor, Maximilian I. (National Portrait Gallery / Public domain)

Look History in the Eye! King Henry VII Reconstructed from Death Mask

An Irish artist has brought King Henry VII of England back to life in a high-tech historical photography project. Looking deeply into the photo-realistic eyes of the famous English king, the observer...
Close up of a longboat, similar to the Sutton Hoo ship. Source: Alex Stemmer / Adobe Stock.

Reconstruction Brings Sutton Hoo ‘Ghost’ Ship Back to Life

Researchers in Britain are working to recreate a ship from over 1,300 years ago. They are reconstructing the famous ship that was discovered in the Sutton Hoo burial in England by using a 3-D model...
The grave holding one of the skeletons and the four skulls. (FAS Heritage / Fair UseThe reconstructed face of the clansman who was killed in the 15th century.

Scientists Unravel Mystery of 15th Century Six-Headed Burial

Scientists have begun unravelling the mystery of an ancient Scotsman found in a mysterious “six-headed” burial and now believe his death was connected to a violent period of Highland clan warfare...