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Prehistoric well and steps recently uncovered at Mither Tap Hillfort, Scotland Source: Northern Picts /University of Aberdeen

Prehistoric Well Uncovered At Ancient Hillfort Might Be A Time Capsule Of Archaeological Gold

An ancient fresh water well with elaborate spiraling stone steps has been re-discovered on one of Scotland’s most mythologized mountain peaks near Aberdeen, and archaeologists were keen to peer into...
View point towards Katun River, Atlai Mountains

Discovered: The Great Wall of Siberia Dating to 1st millennium BC

By Anna Liesowska, The Siberian Times Giant ramparts guarded Altai Mountains against attack from the north, says leading archaeologist Professor Andrey Borodovsky. The wall complex - now almost...
Buckland Rings - artist's impression from gates

LIDAR Reveals 2,000-Year-Old Dwellings of Earliest Occupants of an Iron Age Hill Fort

A team of archaeologists has detected a conurbation of houses at a hill fort that once hosted some of the earliest occupants of a New Forest town, an area of southern England which includes one of...