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Qilin (kongkiatnt/ adobe stock)

Chinese Unicorns: Harbingers of Good Omens

Considering that fanciful animals, which the Chinese collectively dub pixiu ( pi hsieh ), typically stem from a real creature, the question must be asked: Were there once horses with horns? Although...
The man’s gown found in the Ming Dynasty tomb

Archaeologists unearth spectacular textiles in Ming Dynasty Tomb

Exactly how did Chinese people dress 500 years ago? What were their aspirations for the afterlife? Apart from artistic depictions and written descriptions, it is usually hard to tell exactly how...
The gentle and benevolent Qilin of Chinese mythology

The gentle and benevolent Qilin of Chinese mythology

Chinese mythology is full of fantastic supernatural and mythical creatures. Whilst the Western world is probably most familiar with the dragon and the phoenix, there are other equally interesting,...