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Drawing on a tomb/wall from Ankhmahor, Sakkara, Egypt, of an adult circumcision. Source: Public Domain

What Surgery Was Like in Ancient Egypt (Video)

Surgery in ancient Egypt was a remarkable display of ingenuity and resourcefulness. Despite the absence of modern anesthesia and antiseptic methods, ancient Egyptian physicians demonstrated...
Main: An historical prosthetic hand (The Board of Trustees of the Science Museum). Inset: A scan of the prosthetic hand found in Freising (Bavarian State Office for Monument Preservation).

Archaeologists Unearth a Medieval Skeleton with a Prosthetic Hand

In an extraordinary archaeological discovery in Freising, Germany, experts have unearthed a medieval skeleton equipped with an iron prosthetic hand. The burial, dated to the 15th century, offers...
Composite of May’s top stories images. 	Source: Credited in article

A Run Down of May’s Top Ancient News Stories

The top breaking stories of May 2022 include: A primeval forest in a Chinese sinkhole, the first full DNA sequence of a Pompeii victim, the oldest fake eye found in Iran, another Roman penis...
Rome’s National Museum of Oriental Art displayed the reconstructed face of a female skeleton which was found in Iran’s Burnt City wearing a fake eye. The museum closed in 2017 and its collections were transferred to the Pigorini National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography in Rome.

World’s Oldest Fake Eye from 2800 BC Found in Iran’s ‘Burnt City’

Believe it or not, fake eyes have existed for thousands of years. Besides improving the physical appearance of the patient needing the artificial eye, fake eyes also prevent tissues in the eye socket...
A 3,000-year-old prosthetic big toe unearthed in Egypt. Source: Jacky Finch / University of Manchester

3,000-Year-Old Artificial Toe Reveals Ancient Origins of Prosthetics

Believe it or not, but the use of prosthetics is actually not a modern phenomenon. In fact, the creation of man-made devices to replace missing body parts was already in use several thousand years...
YouTube Screenshot from The Walking Dead Role Play Weapons by ThinkGeek

Like Something Out of The Walking Dead: Medieval Warrior Found with Knife Hand Prosthesis

In the American post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead , redneck hunter Merle Dixon fashions a knife attachment onto the stump where his hand used to be. While the storyline is...
False toe on mummy found near Luxor.

Severed Limbs and Wooden Feet: How the Ancients Invented Prosthetics

We are living through an incredibly exciting period for prosthetics. A pioneering brain computer interface that will allow veterans to control artificial body parts with their minds was recently...